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people & change consulting

Recognising the need for business improvement doesn’t just incorporate the business processes and the technology and IT that helps drive this change. The business model also needs to embrace the impact that change will have on a company’s workforce and behaviours, which needs to be woven into the fabric as much as any process transformation programme will be. You may have the most up-to-date, cost-efficient change programmes ready to be implemented to make your organisation steal a march over your rivals, but if you don’t pay attention to how this will affect your most important asset and allow them to grow with changes, the improvements will be made in vain. We work with the People and Change practices of the leading consultancies, as well as the more bespoke, niche outfits that can really get under the skin of how their clients need to adapt their workforce in the face of a rapidly changing business world.
Change Management
Is a structured approach to shifting/transitioning individuals, teams and organisations from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organisational process aimed at empowering employees to accept and embrace changes in their current business environment.

Areas that our clients advise on would be:
Organisation Development
Organisation development (OD) is a conceptual, organisation-wide effort to increase an organisation's effectiveness and viability. OD has been referred to as a response to change, a complex educational strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of an organisation so that it can better adapt to new technologies, markets and challenges.
Behavioural Change
Accelerating and making sustainable the successful implementation of change by developing strategies that deal with the impact on people created by changes to strategy, structure, processes and technology.
Leadership and Development
Without clear direction from the front, organisations would struggle to grow and increase market share. Our clients work with senior figures from some of the world’s most prestigious firms to help them develop as leaders, facilitating the right platform from which to drive the business forward both efficiently and cohesively.
Talent and Assessment
Our clients ensure that strategies can be implemented by identifying and developing the human capital within an organisation so that the right resources can be channelled into developing the best individuals as possible.

Our clients like candidates to have consulting experience from one of the leading management consultancies or a recognised boutique that offers expertise in the Change space.  Experience of working both on Change strategy and its subsequent implementation will be of particular interest to our clients.The range of roles that we have on offer is from Consultant to Director Level, with household name consulting firms.

HR Transformation
HR Transformation focuses on changing the way in which HR functions operate, increasing its capabilities, in order to positively impact the productivity of the organisation’s people whilst delivering tangible cost reduction.
Our clients' HR Strategy and Transformation services enable companies to develop and sustain a high-performing Human Resources function that goes beyond the delivery of cost-effective administrative services to deliver the strategic insights the business requires. Whether the goal is in-sourced or outsourced HR services, our clients can help you improve HR's contribution and leverage economies of scale to meet your organisation's objectives.

Your business challenges might include:
Implement the most flexible and cost-efficient HR service delivery model
Enhance employee access and services through innovative HR technology and processes
Create a strategic HR organisation that enables enterprise change and workforce transformation

Our clients can offer the following consulting services:
HR Strategy
HR Service Delivery Models
HR System Implementation
HR Process Design
HR Organisation Design
HR Outsourcing

In addition, we are always looking for experienced consultants who can demonstrate experience in at least one of the above HR disciplines. Whilst our clients work across sector for the most part, we are seeing a particular interest in those candidates who have had exposure to:
Financial Services
Retail/Consumer Goods

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