mwn associates

Contractor services

Our core network has originated from the large numbers of permanent consultants we have placed into top firms. As a number of these have progressed through their careers and transitioned into the independent market we have invited these highly trained and experienced consultants to register with our associate business.

We further expand our associate pool through strong referrals which has enabled us to create a growing international network of trusted associates. Each member within the associate pool is known to us, many we have known and worked with for a number of years and others have come via outstanding referrals from those that we know and trust. We provide Associates internationally to the leading global consultancies, niche firms and directly to industry at CxO level. Historically, we have seen the majority of our activity in the UK, although we are now working with a growing list of international clients in Europe and beyond. Our associate pool now includes a strong contingent that are based in these key international locations as well as a highly mobile European base. Many of these members are experienced at working in many diverse cultures, key emerging markets and even hostile regions.    

Consultant Services

We have in excess of 20 years of experience specifically within the field of management consulting recruitment. During this time we have built an in-depth understanding of the market and an extensive network of clients which gives us access to fantastic opportunities for our associates. 

Client services

We provide resource from senior consultant to partner level, cross industry into the following core service lines:
·      Digital Finance
·      Finance transformation
·      People and Change
·      Strategy
·      Operational excellence
·      IT and Digital Transformation 

Low Independent Rates:
All of our associates work independently, and their rate reflects this. The majority of our associates have been trained with or have spent a proportion of their career with one of the major firms and typically, an independent consultant will be as little as 30% of the cost of hiring the equivalent from one of the major firms. Our associates bring with them subject matter expertise and the ability to deliver highly complex assignments for our international client base. Clients not only benefit from the market leading experience, but also the ability of our associates to transfer their knowledge and skills to our clients’ workforce. Associates can be hired on a completely flexible basis and we have seen this range from 1 month to 3 years. 

Market Leading Experience &Methodologies:
The majority of our associates have previously worked for a major brand consulting firm and range in seniority from Senior consultant to Partner grade; others have excelled in industry with world renowned brands. They have since carried over their success into the associate market and are recognised as subject matter experts within our capabilities. All of our associates are 100% confident in their abilities and reputations and this has allowed them to successfully forge a career working as highly respected independent consultants. They continue to lead and deliver some of the highest profile and most challenging assignments in the marketplace. 

Rapid Resourcing:
Knowing the availability of our associates is critical to the pace of delivery. We constantly speak with our associate pool and each month our associates update us on their status which allows us to provide the fastest possible turnaround times to our client’s requirements. We are experienced at providing either individuals or teams of consultants within what is often only hours of a request.
We have leveraged our significant experience to create MWN Associates, a truly comprehensive pool of independent management consultant talent.